ERH Power: Electrical Contractor

ERH Power: Electrical Contractor

ERH Power Inc provides personalized, high quality, electrical services to residential and commercial customers in West Berlin, Atco, Gibbsboro and the surrounding South Jersey communities. Since 1997, we have distinguished ourselves by going the distance for our valued customers. The majority of our customers come to us through referrals, which is a testament to the high quality work that we perform.

At ERH Power, our goal is to be there for customers when they need us. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. We are a very small team. If we're unable to take your call right away, we will return it as quickly as possible.

When you schedule service with us, you can rest assured that we will be there on time. Whether you need electricity installed in a brand-new home or would like an older home to be rewired, we'll handle the job promptly and effectively.

When we first opened for business more than 15 years ago, we specialized in handling small jobs for residential and light commercial customers. Through the years, we've expanded our offerings to include a wide array of electrical services.

ERH Power is available to perform electrical repairs of all kinds. When you call to schedule a repair, you'll be asked to describe the problem. In many cases, we'll already have a fairly good idea about what's going on before we even arrive. Once we get there and are able to examine the problem, we should be able to diagnose it and make the necessary repairs right away.

We are also experts in landscape lighting and recessed lighting. These types of lighting dramatically enhance the appearance of homes and businesses. It's crucial to get the work done right the first time, and that's what you'll get when you hire ERH Power.

At ERH Power, we are happy to offer free estimates. We are also committed to being upfront and honest with our customers at all times. There are plenty of electricians in this part of New Jersey, but few come close to offering the personalized level of service that we do. It's one of the many things that sets us apart.

As a locally owned and operated small business, ERH Power succeeds where many other electrical contractors fail. We've been at it for more than 15 years, and we plan to continue providing top-notch electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout the West Berlin & Lindenwold, NJ area for a long time to come. Call 856-767-3342 today to learn more about our services.

Joe Hill

Joe Hill

Owner, Licensed Electrician ERH Power Inc

As one of two employees at ERH Power, Joe Hill is an invaluable member of the team. Joe has been working as an electrician since 1988, and his skill, experience and training go a long way toward providing superior services to our valued customers.

Joe successfully completed several years of journeyman's electrical training and passed the New Jersey electrical exam. He is a member of NJBIA and is currently completing an ICS course for electrical inspection. Joe is committed to continually broadening his skills in order to provide customers with the best service.

More than anything, Joe's hands on experience has given him the expertise he needs to complete everything from simple electrical work to highly technical jobs. From basic repairs to extensive electrical construction, Joe is a huge part of the reason for ERH Power's ongoing success. When you hire ERH Power, you get to enjoy the benefits of having a true expert go to work for you.